Friday, September 02, 2011

Day Three

As expected, Day Three has gone without so much as a hiccup. I had to be at the school first thing this morning for a PTO related visit so the kids and I were there before the buses. They love arriving early!

Kelton's teacher spotted him and right away asked if he would be willing to help him with some things that needed to be done. With a big smile on his face, Kelton left my side and went with Mr. D. I have always liked Mr. D but with this seemingly small action, I think I moved from like to love. :) I really think Mr. D was an excellent match for Kelton.

Kaylen and I walked by her room on the way to pick up PTO things from the child of another PTO member (we use, what we lovingly call, "kid courier mail" for the back and forth paperwork). On our way back by her room, her teacher called to her. We went in and she said "Would you like to hang out in here with me while your mom works?" Again - from like to love. :) Kaylen eagerly nodded her head, turned to me and gave me a kiss before sending me on my way.

I achieved my "in school" work goal and left for home, secure in the knowledge that both my kids were happy in their rooms with their teachers. What a great feeling!

Already this year I can tell there will be no massive amount of school induced stress for me to use as effective fat burners. What a relief!

I arrived home with a stack of PTO mail, volunteer forms, request for funding and student supply funds. I got to work organizing, sorting, tossing and inputting data. The hours flew by and the next thing I knew it was close to Kaylen's lunch time. (She had asked Wednesday evening if I could come have lunch some day with her. I assured her I could and would but it couldn't be Thursday as I had to take my car in for some work.) I decided to jet over to the school and surprise her.

It was so great to hear the chorus of "Ms. Duncan! Ms. Duncan!" from so many of the kids. I said hello to everyone I could and then sat down at Kaylen's table. She, her friends and I enjoyed lunch together and then I joined them on the playground.

It didn't take long before I was bored out of my head. Kaylen was playing with a large circle of girls and was blissfully ignoring me. The recess staff came up one by one and shared their amazement with how far my little girl has come from last year. I am so proud of her!!! Before recess was over I said my goodbye to Kaylen (who really could not have cared any less if she tried! YAY!!!!!) and headed back home.

A few more hours of work on this, that and the other thing and I was finally able to leave the computer for a while. It was an incredibly rewarding and productive day which honestly? I really needed.

The kids arrived home with big smiles on their faces. Kelton is not only a "bus buddy" for a group of kindergartners but I also learned he is "cloakroom czar". Did I mention that I love his funny and quirky teacher?!?! Have I also mentioned that his quirky teacher has the legal middle name of "Spam Spam Eggs and Spam"? It's true! It's on his passport and drivers license! What a quirk!!

So yes - school is going well and my small people are settling in nicely.


Tribe Mama said...

Such a good start to the year! OK, so what is the story behind the middle name, was it given when he was born or did he change it, and if so...why? College Dare? Ex-girlfriend who loved Spam and Eggs? I am so curious!

Casey said...

From what I learned from the teacher, he was living in Ashland, OR (home of The Oregon Shakespeare Festival...and free spirits) and he decided to change his middle name. I asked if the judge gave him a strange look and he said "No. It was Ashland. He was used to people changing their name to unusual names." :)

Other than that, I don't know. I wish I did know the backstory. I'll work on getting it. :)

I've heard about Ashland but I've never been.