Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Update on Stalling :)

Ok - I got some things done and I'm leaving others for another day.

I straightened up the living room; cleaning up the toy corner (which I predict will stay clean only until.....oh let's say....4:00pm today), took bedroom toys back to the kids rooms and put them away. Folded and put away the load of laundry I had done and then got the idea of washing the couch blankets (I have a basket of blankets near the couch that the kids cuddle up under in the mornings and evenings. The dogs also end up cuddling on them. Eeew.) and the couch pillow covers.

From there I vacuumed the entire house and the couches and then...oh heck.....may as well clean the carpets in the main areas.

So...I made a dent in the To Do list for housework and I'm ok with that. Dents are good. The kids will be home in an hour and a half so I think I am going to make something for lunch and heat up a cup of coffee.

Life is good.

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