Thursday, September 22, 2011

Where Do You Go To Find Your Soul?

In an effort to...oh I don't know....regain my balance a bit ago, I cleaned. I didn't mean to but after my last post I went into the kitchen to put my coffee cup away and I noticed the sink needed a good bleach-induced scrubbing and the window above the sink needed to be washed. And under the microwave? Really needed to be swept clean of the crumbs and whatnot that accumulate under there. So....I got busy. I scrubbed and I wiped and I had a good internal meltdown. It's what I do; I clean. Or maybe it's what I used to do, once upon a time a few years ago. Because if you used the "stress + anxiety + meltdown= cleaning" formula, you would be hard-pressed to know I have had any of the above happening lately. But I used to clean to fight my internal demons. Clearly I switched into that mode for a while today.

And then, after, I opened up my laptop and went to Facebook to catch up before moving onto other things. I have a blog "liked", Single Dad Laughing so I see whenever he puts up a new post. I clicked over onto his blog and futzed around a bit. Lo and behold, I found this posting from yesterday: Finding My Soul on the Mountain.

So worth the read. Good timing. Perfect time. But then, I guess there are no accidents, right?

It got me thinking: Where do I go to find my soul?

At first I immediately thought "I don't. I couldn't find peace if it slammed me in the face.: But the more I read the clearer it became: the beach. The ocean. The waves. The violence of the waves crashing allows everything inside me to settle. I breathe deep the salty air and as I do, it relaxes me. I can stand on a balcony overlooking the ocean for a long, long time just watching, listening and breathing.

So while Dan might go to the mountains, I go to the ocean. I need the ocean.

Where do you go to find your soul?

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