Friday, September 02, 2011

Data Input

This year, instead of buying school supplies and bringing them in to school, we have all kindergartners and second graders submitting supply fees and then the teachers buy supplies in quantity to save money and have enough supplies to last all year. We did it with kindergarten last year and it worked really well so this year, we've expanded to the second graders.

It's great except someone needs to enter the data into a spreadsheet.

Meet "someone". :)

It's actually pretty easy but it would be great to have a fancy printer to be able to print some sort of receipt to give to teachers.

I have to say though, after seeing what supplies for two kids cost this year (Thankfully, Dakota took that on.) I think the handing over a check and letting the teachers do shopping in bulk is much more cost effective. I enjoyed just writing a check for Kaylen's supplies last year and knowing it was done. Sure, it was sad that she couldn't pick out new crayons and whatnot but honestly? They don't keep their own supplies anyway. They go into a community basket and everyone shares so really...I saw it as avoiding problems with a newbie to the world of school not wanting to share "her" stuff? So writing a check was easy!

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