Wednesday, July 13, 2011


It's almost noon. Today is half over but the kids and I have already had a full day. I don't know about them, but I'm ready for a nap. :)

Today the kids were chomping at the bit to see if their glasses were in yet. I dialed the number and handed the phone to Kelton. Yes indeed - their glasses had arrived! Before I knew it, we were on our way to Kaiser Optical.

Sadly, I was so busy keeping their (well, Kelton's) excitement under control that I didn't take photos. But fear not, since it was only 9:30am, the kids and I decided to stop by Seize the Bagel for breakfast.

I took photos of them in their new specs.

After taking photos of Kaylen, I decided I couldn't let her hair slide for another day. OY! We walked up the shopping center walkway until we reached Supercuts and I signed her in. Yes, she is growing out her hair "princess long" but there is only so much a mom can take. The wait was 30 minutes so we walked back down the shopping center walk and stopped in at a few little shops - like the music shop and the craft store. They each picked out a special thing; Kelton a small art book and Kaylen a bird house to paint. Again, there are no photos except this one: :)

Awesome, isn't it?

We walked back to Supercuts and my favorite stylist sat Kaylen down and gave her a trim. Jodi knows I'm not crazy about Kaylen wanting to grow out her hair so she is supportive of my mommy meltdown about the sides winging out, her very strong natural side part, the desire for braids and ponytails. Jodi is doing her best to keep it looking decent while it is growing out. Honestly? I don't like long hair on little girls. I'm trying my best to support this decision of Kaylen's but it is silently killing me. I LOVED her short hair. Kaylen is convinced that she will have long, blonde princess hair. So - in the end, we are both not going to get what we want. Sad.

After her haircut, the kids and I headed home. Within minutes, Kaylen was happily painting her bird house and Kelton was snuggled on the couch drawing.

It's been a good day so far!

Having a good day with my kiddos is worth its weight in gold. This afternoon I will get all my regular daily stuff taken care of and I just might have time to look into the life insurance information I received a few days ago. Life insurance to protect these little angels of mine is a necessity, not a luxury. I can't wait until the day it becomes something I can afford easily....or better yet, is part of a great benefits package with a great job attached. I have a feeling that day will be coming soon.

Life is coming together....slowly but surely.

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Tanya said...

It's cute how she has a paint brush for each color.