Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer? Are you sure about that?

Seriously. If you are from the Great Northwest you know exactly what I am talking about. While the rest of the country struggles with heat waves we, in the NW, are sitting at about 74 degrees and overcast. Overcast!

And if you have ever *been* to the NW, you know overcast translates cold which means sweaters, jackets, long pants. It means gazing longingly at the sandals I carelessly kicked off 10 days ago and left in a corner of my room. There they sit, gathering dust.

Today I seriously didn't know weather to pull out a long sleeved shirt or a short sleeved one. On a good day I endure a daily clothing crisis, but with it being the 20th of July? I expect to be grappling with which capri's to wear.....not whether I should add a sweater.

Kaylen actually asked if we could build a fire in the fireplace and she did not mean one of those fancy outdoor fireplaces. Nope - she meant the fireplace in the living room.

How sad is that?

I heard on the news where we have a few more days of rain and cool temps (as in 10 degrees below average) and then by Saturday we should see it start to warm up. Let's hope so.

I do feel for all of you with hotter the heck temps right now. I wouldn't want to trade places...but I would like to see blue skies and take the cover off the pool so the kids can swim again. The three of us? We have cabin fever in a bad way.

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