Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Back to Reality

After a very nice long weekend, today it is back to reality. Reality bites. :)

Actually, the day is going along nicely with all chores attended to that must be attended to (some I am letting slide a bit because it's summer and that's how I roll. Sweeping the kitchen floor can wait a few days since with kids and animals going in and out and in and out, they just get dirty again in mere moments). The big stuff though? Done. As usual.

The kids were with Dakota and Vicki this past weekend and since it was a holiday weekend, I actually had three child-free nights in a row since...well...since Thanksgiving (three day weekends landed on my weekends this year except for the one when Dakota didn't have the Monday off so we treated it as a regular weekend). It was odd and really nice all at the same time to have an extra night without them.

I tried to get a pet sitter for the weekend so that I could spend the time at Stephanie's house but alas, my trusty sitter was already on a two week gig so that left us staying here at night to take care of the dogs (they need overnight care since Jordan gets up so often). During the day we bounced between here and Stephanie's house to take care of Cody, (her dog, who does not require going outside in the middle of the night but who doesn't enjoy being alone, just the same) and still managing to get out and about for fun. I have to say, the 20 minutes one way between houses is a huge time suck when you have to do it a couple times a day but what can we do? Dogs need care.

We used to leave the doggy door for Cody unlocked so he could come and go as he pleased, which cut down on the many trips a day, but in the past week he was picked up twice by people on a busy street a few fields over so we figured it was best to lock his doggy door unless we were going to be hanging out there for a while (he only wanders when he is left alone).

The night of the 3rd started to get very noisy and I just couldn't stand the thought of leaving a very nervous and unhappy Cody alone so I packed up his crate and brought him with us. Not as easy as it sounds though......the dogs all get along great but Cody, all 10lbs of him, feels the need to eat kitties. Well - not eat but I think he would like to. :) He chases the cats and it causes chaos and stress but in the case of the 4th of July, I had to do something. It just wasn't fair and Stephanie and I wanted to be together.

I have tossed around the idea of taking Maddie and Jordan out to Stephanie's but there are many rabbits to chase, no fences and well.....Hop-a-long Jordan isn't steady on his feet and getting him in and out of cars sounds like a bad plan...not to mention Maddie's love of running wild. So with the dogs, my freedom to just be out in Hockinson is severely limited. Which bites because Hockinson? It's beautiful and spacious and amazing...did I mention quiet (on all but one week in July, anyway)? :) I love being out there but responsibilities are just that. So we do the best we can going between the houses.

Rabbit! One of many, many, many rabbits.

Wild daisies. I love life in the country!

Anyway......the kids arrived home yesterday afternoon so I was able to experience the 4th of July afternoon and night with them. We bought a few small things and watched the neighborhood light up in huge displays! The kids had fun but by 10:15 their very fun weekend with Dakota and Vicki and their late night with me had caught up to them. Both asked to go to bed. :)

This morning, Kelton was up around 7:30 but Kaylen slept until 9:30. Poor thing was exhausted! They are having a low key mellow day which is a perfect way for me to transition back after a really good weekend.

Kaylen and Cody have a special connection. Maybe because they are both little.

My 4th of July Prides and Joys!

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