Thursday, July 14, 2011

Semi-Annual Portraits

I remember well the years gone by when I would take the kids in monthly and then bi-monthly and then "just several times a year" portraits. Now it seems I am doing good if I get them in twice a year: Christmas and then one other time to update the yearly photo of the three of us (a tradition that started by happy accident when Kelton was 20 months old).

Today was that "not Christmas but the other time" opportunity to take them in. Both with their new glasses: kind of an official kick off to who we are, and what we look like, starting yesterday.

The annual photo of the three of us:

The kiddos together:

Kaylen twirling in her dress. This was not a favorite of mine but she was all about it. Try as I might, she could not be talked out of it.

Kelton being cool. A good shot but not my favorite of just him alone. Still....he could not be talked out of it either because he wanted his cool shorts to show. *rolling my eyes just a bit*

Not bad, eh? :) I really like the one of the three of us. It's so cool to watch them grow and change. Check it out:


Tanya said...

Wow, such a difference between last year and this year.

Casey said...

Glasses make them look so much older. I look at portraits I had taken right before Kaylen got glasses last year and then a couple months after, and the change is startling. The glasses make the difference. Crazy, isn't it?

Lisa said...

Love the pics thanks for sharing.
Cheers Lisa

Stella said...

Wonderful! Thanks for posting these. Auntie Stella has a really big smile :-)