Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Beach Trip!

A beach trip has been scheduled and I am so very excited! A two night stay with time for playing in the sand and roaming around the town. It's been 2 years since the kids and I have spent more than a couple hours at the beach so this is very, very exciting for me.

Stephanie and I are taking all three kids and I am really looking forward to it. Sure, sure - it will be crazy and probably anxiety-ridden but still - a chance to watch the kids build and dig in the sand and run in and out of the waves (with life-jackets because I'm too nervous for the carefree life-jacket free days of the past). And flying kites? Most definitely.

It will be a lean to the bone vacation but a vacation just the same. Time away from the every day where I can watch the kids having fun and hear their laughter ringing clear. A couple days to breathe and center myself because we all know I find great strength and peace at the ocean. A time to recharge my soul.

I sincerely doubt there will be any Crab Boil Invitations which is fine since I don't so much enjoy seafood (and yes, that is putting it politely but seriously? How rockin' awesome would it be to be invited to a crab boil?!?! That would be a great experience and a memory the kids wouldn't soon forget. I bet crab boils are really popular in places like Maine!) but there will be swimming and laughing and a couple meals out and about (we have a place with a kitchen so most meals will be cooked by us and eaten where we are staying, which is great - I think it really helps everyone appreciate the money being plunked down for food at The Pig-n-Pancake *grin*). There will be browsing in the shops for me and a couple of arcade games for the kids. It will be low cost but I have re-discovered that the kids won't die of they don't ride the train or hit the candy store. Going to the beach is just that - going to the beach. Sand, sun and water. That's all we really need for a great time.

So now the countdown has begun. And I think I'm more excited than anyone. :)

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