Monday, July 11, 2011

More is Easier. Who Knew?

Can I just admit that for all those years I dreaded play dates, I was out of my mind? As in Out. Of. My. Mind.

Having another child (or two) around makes life so much easier. I seem to remember hearing or reading that nugget of wisdom somewhere once but I scoffed. Really? Easier with more kids? No way.


Andrew has been around the past days and it has been great! Both boys are, by nature, couch potatoes, however when you put them (and Kaylen, of course) together something amazing happens - games of tag, swimming, running races, rolling on the floor belly laughter, silly made up games, dress up and imagination games. My couch potato MOVES! A lot. His snacking decreases and his energy level increases and above all else, happy laughter fills the air.

Late this afternoon, for a brief time, Kaylen had a friend stop in and it was a double dose of heaven! The girls huddled up and played Barbies and the boys continued to play an interactive Wii game. The house had a controlled chaos feel to it - but it was CONTROLLED! Everyone was happy and happy children are a good thing!

This summer won't be filled with trips....I have no reason to look into air fares or rv insurance quote (to be honest though, I am intrigued with those rental RV' idea for someday)....but what it IS filled with is plenty of at-home fun memories.

As a child, I didn't take fancy vacations. We went camping for two weeks the end of every July and that was our summer vacation. It was perfect and I longed for nothing more. I didn't know there was anything more to long for. I was content with our summers of riding bikes, trips to the Woodland Park Zoo, trips to the Seattle Science Center (thanks to grandparents, we always had memberships), tanning in the front yard with my sister as we read books, playing Barbies (I'm sure my sister would like me to tell you that *she* didn't play Barbies with me....and it's true. She didn't.), and swimming in the backyard pool. I was happier than heck playing with neighbors and my brothers and sister. I longed for nothing and was happy with not much.

And you know what? That is exactly what I hope for when it comes to my children. I hope they appreciate the small things and aren't always looking for the next big thing. I want them content with what they have. To strive for more, of course, but to be happy with what they have and where they are.

If today is any example, I want them as happy as they are right now...this very minute. I want their laughter to ring through and fill them completely like the belly laughs I am hearing right this minute.

Life is good.


Tammom said...

I've tried to tell my friends who just have only children that, but they thought I was nuts. We have four kids and although chaos can reign (which it can with ANY kids, regardless of number) - when you put any TWO of our kids together, they do very well without the drama. Of course, we're now at the point where we have two pre-teens and two teens and just driving them to and from events is a scheduling nightmare! But, we figured the odds were better for us to have at least ONE to care for us in our old age!

Tanya said...

If we had more room, I would seriously consider fostering just so J could have a playmate.