Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things

I'm having a blah kind of day.....several reasons of which none are big deals on their own, but stacked on top of each other...well....

Anyway....I was messing around with my "big" camera today and, shock of all shocks, the zoom was actually behaving itself so I humored myself and took a few photos. Nothing spectacular (and I realized I missed many opportunities with the kids riding their bikes)...just messing around to see if I could remember how to use all the features. (I can't...in case you were wondering. Hee hee. Must use it more often.)

I took a few pictures and thought "Hey! I could put a few photos on the blog to highlight some of my favorite things around the house." No mind you - these are just a small sampling of my favorite things because I follow a basic rule: if it doesn't make me happy, and doesn't fill a need or desire, it doesn't belong in my home. :) That makes it easy to look around and be happy.

Dallas, my 14 year old cat, yearning to go outside.

This shelf unit. I have always wanted a sofa table (or the like) to house a collage of photos. This unit works perfectly for me and makes me very happy each and every time I pass by it. The two cubbies (top and bottom) on the left side are the kids cubbies for their backpacks and books. Clearly over the summer weeks, they have come to house a lot of other things. The others are a collection of arts/crafts things for the kids. No matter - it's the top that makes me smile. And it is a piece of furniture I picked out completely on my own for myself. :)

This photo trio was taken January 2005. Just weeks away from giving birth to Kaylen. My son and I.....such a precious, sweet memory for me.

LOVE this one! It's Kelton at 10 months old. What is he looking at through the soft curtain? Me! The best part of this memory though is him trying to crawl forward and into my arms. It took forever to get this shot. :)

Kelton around 10 months. Isn't it amazing?

Kaylen at a year old. I so love the softness and beauty of this portrait.

And my most favorite things aren't things at all..........

My Princess Patch. This is what she looked like at the start of the two hours. What she looked like *after* isn't fit for print. Let's just say it was a hard go for patching today.

Kelton, figuring out Pokemon Black strategies.

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