Thursday, July 21, 2011


Yes. I said it. Christmas. Do you realize it is FIVE months way? As in Five. One, two, three, four...FIVE.

I want to run screaming. Craft places are all about their Christmas in July sales. And for some reason, the mattress stores jump on this too for reasons I absolutely don't understand. *shrug*

The kids are already talking about Halloween and Christmas. I want to make it stop so I casually, as my blood pressure rises, say "Oh we don't need to worry about that yet. It's still a L-O-N-G way away."

It is not.

Which brings up a whole new panic in me. I had really believed I would be gainfully employed by now. Every ounce of me believed that. But not yet. I jump whenever the phone rings but nothing yet. I breathe and try to repeat "All in good time. Everything happens for a reason." But Christmas? Presents? Expectations? The thought sends me spinning. I want to begin to get a feel for what the kids would like so that I can start slowly buying here and there. Sadly, their wants change faster than fast. When the conversation comes up, Kaylen wants a new bike which isn't going to happen. Her princess bike is perfectly fine and fits her exactly. I already put that one to rest. We don't replace things that are perfectly good. Kelton wants a 3D DSi. No way. It's not the cost (though it is a factor) it's the fact that I don't think children should be over exposed to 3D anything. I think time will show that it damages their eyes or God forbid, their developing brains. We talked at length about how Santa would not be bringing him one because his is perfectly fine and again, we don't replace things that are working perfectly fine. I'm glad that, after taking time to digest, they both understood.

I want them to be level headed in their expectations. I want them to appreciate what they DO have instead of always wanting bigger and better and more expensive.

Aside from my kiddos, there are two nieces (well - soon to be two. She is due soon.)and one nephew to obtain gifts for. And my dad. He is hard to shop for. Maybe i will have to check out a website that features gifts for dads that are sure to please. Maybe something there will work.

Christmas in July. I know some people see it as exciting and time to start preparing for the crafty things they will create but me? I see it as a prime anxiety inducing time.

Fa la la la la la la la la.


Tanya said...

Could you make something for your nieces? Would your dad understand if you didn't have the funds to buy him a gift this time? For my niece and nephew last year there was a $20 limit that I was not going to go over and actually was able to stay under. Honestly they get so much stuff from other people they hardly notice. As for my parents, I didn't buy them anything and asked that they do the same. My mom and MIL listened and as expected, my dad did not.

As for the 3D thing, I kind of feel the same way. It kind of freaks me out. That being said, any type of screen time is bad for their little brains. Unfortunately Justus get s way too much TV but hardly any video game time as he's just not into it.

And five months is still a ways away. You never know what will happen in the job arena. fx

Mimi said...

How about a roll of stamps for your dad, or gift cerft. to the grocery store these were always a good gift for my father from my chilren and he loved them.....towards the end we all just bought him gift certf. to the grocery and he love them at that point in there life they have everything......good luck....I am always done with my christmas shopping by the end of September just because I am not a fan of shopping and you put crazy people in the mall oh holy