Wednesday, January 13, 2016


My plan is to blog a bit every morning while I have my cup of coffee.  We w ill see how that goes.  :)

I have the kids all off to various schools...all driven today, courtesy of me.  I always drive Kaylen (otherwise I'm pretty sure I wouldn't get her out the door.  School is not her favorite this year.  She had the best ever teacher last year and there is no way she will ever top that again (you know, we all have that ONE teacher?)  Her's was Mrs. Fern and Mrs. Fern adored Kaylen right back.  This year, one of her teachers is awesome while the other one, she just doesn't connect with.) and today Kelton had to turn in his big National History Day project which is hard to handle on the bus, plus it's pouring rain today.  And well...the high school is just a few blocks further so I took Andrew as well,

And back home I came in the down pour.  I'm hoping that my grandmother's line of "rain before seven stops by eleven" is true.  The cold and damp are a brutal double downer for me.

I was reading through Facebook posts of mine a day or so ago and I realized something:  I'm pretty funny.  I guess I don't see it in the day to day because mostly I see it as sarcastic but reading back, I couldn't help but laugh.  No wonder everyone has always told me I should write a book.  I've wanted to but God help me, I have no idea what to write about.  People say "Your life" I say "What's so awesome and cool about THAT?"  Nothing.  So here I sit.  :)  Though for reals?  If someone approached me (again) and help guide the process, I'd be all over it.  (and I say again because I did write a chapter in a parenting book a few years back.  I have no clue if it was ever really published though.)

Want to know something funny?  Kaylen writes almost identical to me.  I see notes lying around the computer area and I think "What is that?  I don't remember leaving a post it there......oh wait...I don't play Mine Craft so clearly I didn't write that."  It's surreal.  Maybe someday I will leave her some cryptic note and then play all innocent when she is puzzling over what it means.  Hee hee.

Speaking of Mine Craft.....whoa.  I wish I was in on the design team for that one.  They have to be sitting pretty.  I have never heard of a more popular game.  Angry Birds was big or a while but Mine Craft has staying power.  All three play it.  They can play with friends who are playing from their homes.  Technology is so crazy wild.  When I started this blog, I had a flip phone and no clue about texting.  How far we have come.

My coffee is almost gone.  You know what that means?  And no.....unlike in years gone by, it doesn't mean pour another one.  I've cut waaaaaaaay back on caffeine.  I can actually go weeks without a cup of coffee and then I will have one.  It's weak enough that it doesn't jack me up, which is good because that is one feeling I can't stand.

I will leave you with this:  in a quiet house, the pump on the fish tank can make it seem like a radio is on.  Or a device is doing *something*.  It's kind of freaky.  You know.....just sayin'  :)

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