Thursday, January 14, 2016

Coffee, Anyone?

I couldn't sleep. Well...I did sleep until about 3AM and then I was awake.  Finally, at six, I decided to just get up and take a shower.  Then I snuck into Kaylen's room, turned off her dreaded alarm clock and woke her up.  Since she is usually the first one up, she was a bit surprised to see me there but happy that she didn't have to wake to her alarm.

Her school has an ungodly start time.  First bell is at 7:45am which means we leave the house at 7:30am to get her there in time.  I can't say I will miss this early wake time next year when she starts middle school.

Middle school.  Wow.  She seems too little to me for middle school.  *sigh*  I guess time waits for no one.

Shannon said something interesting yesterday in a comment.  She said she missed hearing my voice.  I guess I'm confused.  What does that mean?  Mostly, I'm just sitting here rambling...which is also mostly what I do on Facebook.  Just curious.

The house is still so quiet.  I can hear various animals wandering around, Kaylen eating, the hum of the fridge, and the bubbling of the fish tank.  Oh - and an annoying tick tick tick of Kelton's clock behind me at "his" computer set up.

I'm stuck.  I have nothing else to say right now.  Guess I will go sit with my iPad and check TimeHop, Instagram, and then Facebook.  Seems like I have a long day stretched out in front of me.


Audra said...

Can't believe she is about to start middle school, and Kelton almost to high school. Doesn't seem possible, but I'm sure you know that feeling more than me! I have to agree with Shannon! It's nice seeing your blog again :)

Shannon said...

Your writing voice. :) It's unique, often funny, always honest and very often hits me right in the heart (especially your posts about the kids getting older.) I always enjoyed your posts and was happy to catch up on FB and very happy to see you blogging again. I miss the "old days" and often wonder about some of the families I used to read about.

Now I'm rambling. :)

Tanya said...

That is so early for school. We are very lucky to have a 8:15 start time.