Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Blood Oranges

Let's talk fruit baskets, shall we? The kids and I were up north this weekend visiting family and celebrating both their birthdays along with their cousin, Mikayla, and for the first night we stayed with my brother and sister-in-law. They have this great local farm who delivers fresh fruits and veggies right to their door. In the shipment of these delectable items, there were some blood oranges. Now I clearly am not a fruit connoisseur because I had never heard of blood oranges but let me tell you - I am a HUGE fan now. Not for me (I think they were a bit tart for my liking) but for Kelton.

The boy ate so many I thought he would turn into a blood orange! He could not get enough.

Sadly, I can't seem to find them right now. I tried Fred Meyer, a fruit market and Safeway and so far, they aren't there. The fruit market worker said they were just starting to come into season and they would have them soon. I'm hoping that's true because I don't want him to forget how much he loved them. They are so good for him and getting fresh fruit and veggies into the kids is a challenge unto itself. :)


Declan's Mom said...

Hey, chucks will special order anything they can get their hands on. My Mom ordered a case of Kid Z bars and they were SUPER cheap by the way....

Kristen said...

Audrey's on a huge mandarin orange kick right now. I'll feed them to her as fast as she'll eat them cuz I know these fruit phases don't last long.