Thursday, April 14, 2011

Birthday Boy!

Today is my son's birthday. Yes indeed...somehow (what seems like overnight) Kelton is turning nine years old. He hasn't yet, as he will tell you, because his birth time is 12:10pm. :) I remember clearly his first birthday. I was driving him home from playgroup when the clock in my car flipped over to 12:10pm. I was sad and happy at the same time and I will admit that those feelings are the exact same ones I have every year. I'm happy for him...I'm happy for me. We made it through another year healthy and happy and whole. I'm sad because with each marked year, my baby is growing up and moving, step by step, away from me. When he was learning to walk he held onto the handle of his push dump truck and toddled away from me. I remember that moment as clear as if it happened 10 seconds ago. I remember thinking "Now that he is walking, his steps will take him further and further from me." Bittersweet moments. Parenthood is full of them. I am been so blessed to have been here for each and every one of his milestones. I didn't miss one......well ok - rolling over for the first time I missed because Dakota and I were working on a bathroom project and he was on the floor. We had been listening to him coo happily from the other room. Next thing we heard was a very muffled baby coo. We ran in to see him and he was on his tummy. For fun, we flipped him over and watched him turn again. We did this for almost an hour - until he protested because he was tired of entertaining us. I think back over those days and I just can't believe how fast they have gone. Nine. My baby has been in my arms for NINE years. We are in the last of the single digits and I am finding I really, really want this year to move slowly. I'm not ready for him to be so big. But then, I probably never will be. Happy Birthday, Kelton! I love you more than anything and you, my curly headed amazing child, are my miracle!

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Stacey said...

Happy birthday, Kelton! Wow, 9 came so fast!!!