Thursday, April 07, 2011

Because I Know You Can't Get Enough.....

....of reading about my girly parts. :)

I called the doctor's office a bit ago and spoke with my "specialist". I think I love her. She said that they had gotten their copy of the letter yesterday as well and that my doctor was on the phone immediately to let them know how "non-negotiable" this is. At least, part of it. The biggest part, for me. The D&C biopsy.

The insurance company relented and approved the D&C biopsy surgery party but the ablation part is still up in the air. I can live with that. I've lived this long fearing I am going to hemorrhage to death every month....what's a few more years before menopause hits? Before last month, I didn't even know ablation was an option.

My doctor will call me later today to discuss options and what to do about the ablation part but can I just say how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE that she immediately called the insurance company and said the biopsy part is happening and they are going to approve it? LOVE HER! Not many people have gone to bat for me in my life like that so this is a big deal to me. I saw that denial letter as the kiss-off and the "Sorry. Deal with it." that my life is.

Could the tides be turning? It feels like they are.....finally. I must be living life right these days. :)

I can't believe I am this happy about having surgery. :) But....considering the "in office" disaster, I think anyone would be happy to sleep through it. :)


Dakota said...

Your doctor rocks! I am impressed she was on it so quickly and without being asked. Amazing!

Anonymous said...

Insurance companies often do the "Denial" and then fold if pushed. They figure that enough people will just accept it so it's easy money for them.
Always, always, always, push back when denied with insurance. And it's awesome that your doctor knew that and pushed back for you.

Tanya said...

Yes, always push them and jump through their hoops to get what you need. They would probably prefer to pay for a full or partial hysto rather then the ablation. Is that an option?

marie said...

That's great your doc went bat for you! Not many do, but good for her! I'm not sure how old you are, not that it really matters but when I was 43 I needed an ablation also but didn't want to do the surgery thing since I'd had so many, so my doc suggested an IUD. Yes I know they have a bad name but not the new ones, trust me I've had mine five years this summer. I'll have it removed and replaced then. It's called Mirena, here is the site I had little to no bleeding the first month with a little spotting and none since!! Yeah!! My doc told me I had what they often call the 'flooding 40's!! Nice huh? Maybe you could try the IUD route, it normally has o be pre-vertex as well but most insurance companies willing pay for it. Also I have no clue it's even there!! Good luck!

Gandksmom said...

I am very impressed with your MD. I hope that you can get the ablation because your life will dramatically change with that! I am rooting for you!