Sunday, April 17, 2011

A good read

An essay on divorce. Very well written....and heartfelt. Thanks to Elise for posting it on her blog. :)

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Dakota said...

Wow - I am so grateful we are more on the side of the essay writer's than those of most of her commentors. I guess some people really are horrible and you would not want to be friends, like those who were physically abusive maybe, but c'mon people, when there are kids involved - grow up and do what is best for your children - and ultimately, yourself. Carrying around so much bitterness and hatred is so unhealthy. Case - thanks for being a reasonable, good person who has always put the kids first, even when I tested your patience.

(Though I agree, hand-holding is crossing a line.....but a hug now and then, as with any friend, is cool.)