Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fashionista - yet again

I only take photos of the *really* good ones because well....I'd have to post a photo almost every day. Sure- there are days everything matches but these are the days that make it hard for a borderline OCD-er like myself to smile and say "You look GREAT!" (I do say it though...it's good for her to express herself. For all I know, she will become a fashion designer as an adult. After all, if you Google Little MisMatched you will find a store that sells outfits much like the ones Kaylen creates herself.)

I know some people cringe at the thought of letting their child out the door in self-created outfits but I learned a long time ago that clothing was not a battle I wanted to fight with Kaylen. Who cares what she wears as long as she is dressed and not looking like a hooker. :) (No offense to hookers. I just am not ready to see my child dressed as one.) Life is too short to fight over clothes. She wears what she likes and I'm good with that. And besides...it makes great blog-fodder. :)

PS....Thanks for all the feedback on cub scouts. Who knew it was such a hot button topic both here and on Facebook. I do know about their political/religious stance and I agree with the person who said that we can all stand on the sideline gritching about it and staying away from it or we can move forward for the sake of our sons and CHANGE IT. One person, one child, one pack at a time. Or...for those of you who feel super strongly about it, how about coming up with a boys only alternative?

My son needs strong male role models. He is struggling hard to find his place in a world that is dominated by women. I need to support him and guide him. Anyway....I have a lot to think about. Kelton isn't wanting to go back to cub scouts (they played a board game last night and he wanted to "do something". I can't blame him there. I asked that he talk with the two boys in his class who are in the group and see what they usually do. I also asked him to think about going to the next meeting just to be sure. I want him to be sure it isn't for him because the truth is, I will suck it up and do what I need to do for him. And I know Dakota would do the same....which is probably how this will play out if he wants to go. I think she would be a great cub scout mom! :)

Ok - back to job hunting before I head off to meet Dakota's mom for lunch and then to pick up Kelton and take him to a doctor's appointment then I head back to school grab PTO stuff and pick up Kaylen. Busy day for me.....but then, days are always busy. Can you believe this this is the week when my baby boy turns NINE?!?!?!?! I am in complete denial. Wow. The last of the single digit years.


Declan's Mom said...

Seriously...Kelton should try our Den. Most parents drop off. We meet Thursday nights 6:30 - 7:30 This week is a little different we are meeting at a local fire station and then going for ice cream after. Last meeting we build bird houses, lots of variety. Declan LOVES it.

Declan's Mom said...


Tanya said...

I think she looks great! And you're a great mom by letting her express herself. We went to dinner with R's family this weekend for his bday and J decided to wear his fireman costume. The girls at the front were all smiles and one commented how she wished her mom would have let her wear that kind of stuff. It made me smile.

I always dismissed Cub Scouts, but now think it might be something good for J when he gets that age.