Monday, March 14, 2011


Another weekend has come and gone and I will tell you that it was an amazing and wonderful few days. I had the house/pet sitter stay here and I had a much needed break from the dogs and honestly, I need to remember to do that more often. Sure, the kids aren't here every other weekend but the animals are and they are equally demanding and I get precious little solid blocks of sleep. Time away from the house was just what I needed.

I am seeing someone who is very special to me so I packed up and went out to stay with her for the weekend. She lives in the country so it's very peaceful and since it's darn close to spring the frogs are loud and amazing. From inside the house I could hear the frogs making their froggy noises all night long. The wind in the trees and the pouring rain where just the icing on the cake. Perfect! Did I mention that a break from my own life was just what I needed? It really, really was.

We spent the weekend hanging out and talking. A windstorm took out the power yesterday which was great. No, really. It was. I actually enjoy power outages as long as they don't last too long but you have to admit, they shake up life and get you thinking of new things to do and ways to heat coffee and meals.

It was hard to come home last night but I felt refreshed and invigorated an ready to once again tackle the world.....and all the dog-induced sleep interruptions.

Life is good.

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Tanya said...

No info about the mystery someone? :)