Tuesday, November 02, 2010

My Weekend

I guess actually I should start with Thursday. Thursday night Dakota and I took the kids to see Disney on Ice. It was AMAZING! I sat next to Kaylen and she was so swept away by it all that I actually had tears in my eyes from her excitement. It was truly an experience I will never forget....and I hope neither will the kids. It was a late night though, that's for sure. I finally had the kids home and asleep by 10:30. Well worth it though for memories that will hopefully last a lifetime!

Then, this past weekend the kids were with Dakota so I got to put aside my mommy job for a couple of days and I got to be a grown up doing grown up things. I tell you, the newness of not being "on" with the kids 24/7 is something I am still getting used to. I have my moments of completely enjoying it and then other moments when I miss them so much I think my heart will break. It's weird.

But..instead of focusing on the part that hurt to have them away, I will focus on the being "just Casey" part because that has some really good moments.

Friday was Trunk or Treat at school so while Dakota, Vicki and the kids set up Dakota's trunk with decorations and handed out candy to kids, I played the PTO role and then I took Kaylen around to all the cars (a friend she was hoping to meet up with didn't show up and she was so sad and didn't want to trick or treat without her. I got her going around and then we picked up another friend of hers to take with us the rest of the way which turned it from a tearful event to a fun one for Kaylen. Kelton, of course, rocked the trick or treating from beginning to end without an issue.

Once that event was over and the kids were on their way with Dakota, Marlene and I just hung out, watched TV and eventually went to sleep. I was exhausted from the past 24 hours. We had thought about going hot tubbing but when push came to shove, I was just too tired.

Saturday we went to Andrew's soccer game. Half way through the rain started falling hard so I packed up and waited out the rest of the game in the car. Sitting in the cold rain is not my idea of a good time. After the game, we wandered around a few shops, had lunch, went to Costco and then came back here to build a new bookcase that Marlene bought for me from Ikea. I LOVE IT!

It didn't take long to build but long enough that there wasn't time to move stuff around in my bedroom and set it up. We did, after all, have plans for dinner and drinks with our friend, Cande. We headed over to her house, picked her up and then went and saw Life as We Know It....which was a really, really good movie (and no, Cande, I won't say that you cried. That secret is safe with me. Hee hee.). After it was over, we headed downtown to Top Shelf for some martinis.

Half way through our first (well...only) martini, Cande got a text and then a phone call from her husband. He was having trouble breathing so we settled up the bill and drove her home. As we turned off her block, we saw the ambulance coming so we turned around and waited to see how it would play out and what we could do to help.

The ended up taking her husband to the hospital (where he stayed until last night) but he is ok. We stayed with Cande while she called people (John's sister went to the hospital with him since Cande has two young children.). Then we talked about anything and everything under the sun (like does lipofuze work?) to pass the time. We headed home around midnight. Not the best way to end an evening out but I'm glad we were there to help her.

Sunday we headed out and had breakfast at a new cafe we found and then come back here to shift around my bedroom and set up the new bookshelf. It looks AWESOME!!!! I was able to take the stacks of books I had on my night stand and dresser and put them someplace where they look good and I was able to get out some other special things and give them a home as well. I LOVE the way it has changed the look of my room. What an amazing gift - thank you, Marlene!!! :)

It wasn't long before Marlene needed to leave to pick up Andrew and take him trick or treating with her side of the family and I waited for my munchkins to come home to go trick or treating as well. It was a really good weekend but I am always happy when my babies come back home.

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Mimi said...

Disney on ice is coming here in January.....I think my daugher is taking the girls....