Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Looking Back in Time

I was in the garage searching for some thing the other day and I came across the keepsake bins I have for the kids. Being the highly emotionally-based person that I am, I kept tons of things from their baby days; special toys and books, jars of the first food they ate, one of their newborn diapers (unused, of course. I'm not *that* sentimental), binkies and a bunch of their adorable teeny tiny baby clothes.

My heart lurches whenever I go through their boxes of things. How could they have been that small? I can remember how they looked in each outfit as vividly as they days when they wore them. Tiny blue pajamas, pink blankets, Kaylen's first dress, the summer clothes Kelton wore when we first moved here and it was hotter than heck. Oh how it all makes me long for those days.

I want a do over. I want to go back to when Kelton was first born and really enjoy each and every moment. If only I could rewind time.

I love the children they are now but I long for those days of holding a tiny baby in my arms. The sleepless nights? I don't so much miss those but I'd even go back and live through those again if I could hold my teeny babies again.


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Tanya said...

I would like a do over please.