Wednesday, November 03, 2010

It's been a day

A very long day. Thank goodness it was early release from school though or it would have been even longer. Kaylen had an unexpected substitute today which threw an already precarious day right out the window. It was one of those days when the pain in her eyes was almost more than I could bear. If you all only knew how much anguish this child is in because she is different from other people in that she can't seem to just roll with the tide, I'm sure it would break your heart like it does mine.

So close to "normal" and very far from it. And my wicked-smart girl knows it. That, my friends, is what makes it even more heartbreaking than it otherwise might be.

I spent the day in the classroom; leaving only when it was time for activities that took her to people she has grown accustomed to (PE and Music). I'm pretty sure I would have rather been doing anything else today than making turkey art projects (and by anything I mean even researching hair loss shampoos for the fun of it!).

Anyway - on top of various things that are throwing her for a loop, the poor thing is cutting six, yes six, teeth. No wonder her mouth hurts and no wonder she is complaining of pain from her ear to her jaw.

I opened her mouth for a good look when she complained of pain again for the second day and low and behold, she has 4 molars coming in AND her bottom two permanent teeth are coming in behind her not very loose two baby teeth. YIKES!

Clearly I am going to need to check the stash of Tylenol. Poor thing.

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