Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sick and Tired. Honestly.

I have a headache tonight. I'm sure it's from my cold, lack of quality sleep and well....stress. I'm under some stress with various things but there isn't anything new with that now, is there? :) (I can tell I'm stressed because I keep waking myself up talking at night.)

Today though I definitely feel the eye brow furrow thing as I force my eyes to focus and my head to stay in the game. I'm tired. I have pain. I'm pretty darn sure that if this headache stays too much longer I will have a serious need to read up on
wrinkle cream reviews.

I'm starting to wonder if my mother was right with that whole "Your face is going to freeze like that if you don't stop it!"

And speaking of tired...I'm time to hustle my two little ones off to dreamland so I can snuggle under my covers and count some Zzzzzzz's.

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