Saturday, October 09, 2010


Thursday was picture day at school and Kaylen painstakingly picked out her outfit a good two weeks ago. She carefully dressed and chose her accessories: a headband and a sheep necklace. (Don't ask. I have no clue.)

Her class was one of the first ones through and when I went to get the third kindergarten class, there was a little girl wearing the *exact* same dress. I mean seriously. What were the chances? I just couldn't pass up a photo op at lunch recess. The girls were so cute and silly and loved that they were "twins".

Later that evening, I took the kids to a PTO meeting with me since Dakota is out of town and while I tried hard to concentrate on the meeting, the kids tried equally hard to have all my attention. Kaylen kept coming over to show me her drawings but this one? This one I just had to get a photo of. Two sheep. But of course.



Mimi said...

you're luck when I was in the pto (yes I know many years ago) we not allowed to bring our children....and I could really tell that were two sheep!

Casey said...

Yes, I am lucky but then again, I'm president of the PTO and when I first signed up for PTO I made it clear that I had no sitter and that my children would be at all evening events with me and that my (then) 3 year old would be at every day event I helped with. They needed a PTO board so it was an easy win for me. And...since school is about and for children, it makes sense to include the kids when necessary.

Mimi said...

yes Casey I understand since school is about the children...however some people don't know how to make their children mind.....I can't take it when we go out to eat and we have a kid in the next booth hanging over into our booth doing this and that and their parents do that my age? lol

Stacey said...

so adorable. and that picture she drew is fantastic!! you have a little artist!!