Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Garage.....Again.....or is that Still?

The garage is a pain in my hiney. Seriously. I get it straightened up so that it doesn't give me anxiety attacks and then, within weeks, it's a disaster again. Toys, camping equipment, clothes both outgrown and waiting to go to a younger cousin and hand-me-downs waiting for kids to grow into, toys, toys, toys, bikes, bookshelf, an old couch that needs to go to the dump now that the hide-a-bed mattress is gone (I had hoped to list it for free on Craigslist and not have to deal with it but such is life), boxes of fall and Halloween decorations and yes, even the C7 led christmas lights that never were put into the attic last year after they were taken down.

To add to all this chaos......I found slug slime across old car seats (which need to be dumped because they are past their date) which just about grossed me out royally (I assume someone found their way in with the summer toys...which, yes, are out there as well) but didn't come close when I realized that some mice (maybe only one. It's not like I've seen any.) have taken up residency. As least they are smart enough not to gain entry into the house. I guess that's something.

So - a plan to declutter and organize the garage is underway. I believe several trips to the dump are in my future. Oh the joy of being a grown up. But you know, somewhere deep inside me I still harbor the dream of one day parking in the garage again.

And the dream lives on.

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Tanya said...

If you have to pay to go to the dump like we do, and you'll have to make several trips, you might want to think about calling a junk hauler. They will load all of it at once and be done with it.

Lucky you to have an attic. All we have is the garage and it does not even have space above it. Too much stuff, not enough room.