Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Applying for Jobs

Now that Kaylen seems to be doing better at school, I have more time to be home in the mornings which means I am able to look for jobs while I am well rested instead of waiting until after the kids are sleeping and I am too blurry eyed to make sense of much. It feels good to actively being searching again because I am beyond motivated to be able to support the kids and myself and move forward with my life.

I found one today that sounds perfect for me. No, it's not a position for an offshore injury lawyer. That would be more up Dakota's ally. :) It's a Human Resource Assistant position and while it is only part time, it would give me experience in the field I would love to get back into. When I read the duties, I actually got excited because it sounds so good to me. It also sounds like there is so much to do that it sounds like it has the possibility of ending up moving into a fulltime job. even if it doesn't, at this point, part time is better than no time and a job that excites me? That sounds like a dream come true.

So fingers crossed, everyone


Stacey said...

fingers crossed for you!!!!

Dakota said...

Good luck to you! That would be great to get back into the field that you enjoyed so much!

Tanya said...

Crossing fingers for you. Good Luck!!!

Elizabeth said...

fingers crossed and lots of good wishes flowing your way.