Saturday, October 23, 2010

Child Labor

Is it child labor is they ask and beg to be put to work? :) They attempted to clean the house (never mind I did it yesterday) and took toys out to the garage this morning, all the while working on their "jingle". I think it went a little like "Kelton and Kaylen's cleaning and chore service.....YAY!" (One of those "had to be there" moments".) I do believe that Marlene's cleaning business is rubbing off on them. Then around 10 they started asking if they could call the across the street to talk with our neighbors about raking their leaves (we have our own but never mind raking up our yard - apparently it's only good if it's for someone else). At 11, I gave in and let them call.

They have both been over there for more than an hour raking and helping. I can see them from the front window and I have to say, it's cute to watch. It's driving the dogs insane though. They can hear the kids and Maddie can climb on the couch and see them. The dogs run back and forth across the house barking their fool heads off. It's driving me crazy but I'm trying to see it as a good fat burner for the chunky Dalmatian. :)

It's starting to rain again so I wonder how much longer they will be over there. Apparently the wife (who has Alzheimer's) lost her wedding ring in the yard the other day so while they are raking leaves, they are carefully looking for it. Kelton came back to get a backpack, a water bottle and a magnifying glass. I'm not sure how long he is planning to be out there. :) I guess the prize of $10 each of they find it is too much to pass up for my money hungry kiddos. Here's hoping! Maybe they will be willing to buy McDonalds for the three of us tonight. :)


Stacey said...

Too bad they didn't want to do your yard... LOL

Hey could you maybe get a job working for Marlene's company temporarily? Maybe too much conflict of interest?? Or not what you are looking for... Just a thought.

Casey said...

Working with Marlene? Ummm......yeah. I don't see that as a good idea. For starters, I don't think one should mix business and personal lives because it can get messy but the real reason? My cleaning is definitely NOT up to her standards. I'm an "it's clean enough to pass." person and she is a "nothing is clean enough" person. Great for the business she has but rift with conflict if we worked together.

We tossed it around and both agreed it would be a bad idea. :)