Monday, October 25, 2010


My morning was off to a rocky, rocky start when little Miss Kaylen, who had crawled into bed with me a bit before the alarm went off, started complaining that she had a cold and couldn't possibly go to school (last week she had a sore throat and while I don't doubt that she is a victim of the cold going around, it took mere seconds for me to put the pieces together). I told her that yes, she could go to school which immediately resulted in a full-on meltdown. I get it - I do. Monday is a switch from the weekend and change is hard for her. Saturday she spent the day making pictures for people at school and talking about when she got to go back and how much she loves school. But after 48 hours in the comfort of her little family, going back to school is a change she just doesn't feel up to facing. I get that. And yet - face it she must.

She cried and carried on for about 30 minutes and by then I *had* to get in the shower or they would be late for school. I managed to talk her into a hot shower with me (remember: this is a water child and when upset, hours at a time can, and will, be spent in the tub). At a 20 minute hot shower (mine was only 5 but I let her stay in while I got ready) she was ready to face her day and I didn't hear another word about "I'm not going and you can't make me."

She got dressed, she and Kelton packed their lunches (I love this new thing they are doing because then I know they will eat - after all, it is food they are choosing.) and got ready for school. They both decided to eat the school breakfast which helped ease the time crunch.

Then it was off to school with smiles on their faces. I got a hug and a kiss at the classroom door and she was off and running. I came home and decided to put my 6 over-ripe bananas to good use by making two loaves of banana bread. Then I folded laundry and put it away, started new loads, grabbed a cup of coffee and sat down to job hunt.

I have to say, the fall day is distracting me a bit. The wind is blowing and the leaves are falling to the ground like snowflakes. I'm tired today from our busy weekend.

Saturday the kids and I hung out and just had some much needed quiet time together. The kids played very well together all day and we decided to pick up McDonald's for dinner. After dinner, the three of us cuddled in my bed and watched TV. Marlene arrived around 7 (she worked out of town all day) bringing candy from the beach candy store that my kids love. Oh ok - she brought some for me, too. As well as Eggs Benedict from my favorite beach restaurant, Pig N' Pancake. YUMMY!!!!

Needless to say, the kids were jacked up on sugar and it took a while to calm them down and get them off to dreamland. But they had had a great day and that is what childhood is all about.

Yesterday we headed to the mall and the kids played on the bouncy harness thing and Kelton was beyond thrilled to do a double backflip in the air! Kaylen has been doing them for years because of her time in gymnastics but Kelton was never brave enough until this week to try it. Earlier in the week, he did a single flip time and time again but yesterday he did two before his feet touched the ground. I was sooooo proud of him!!!!! Slowly but surely, he is facing his fears and moving forward.

After that we grabbed lunch and then went to pick up Princess, Marlene's dog, from the groomers. She is so cute with all her hair shaved off (she is a German Sheppard who sheds incredibly bad). From there we stopped at WalMart to pick up some pumpkin carving supplies and a new pumpkin for Kaylen (she gave hers from the pumpkin patch to Kelton so he could enter it in the pumpkin parade at school). Then it was home to carve pumpkins, roast the seeds and make popcorn balls (which didn't turn out very well - I tried to cut the recipe in half and didn't turn out as well as it should have. Oh well. We still have time to try again.).

From there is was bath time for the kiddos and off to dreamland they went. It was a good weekend and we all had a great time!

(That reminds me, I haven't posted pumpkin patch photos. I will do that and then link to them. :) )


Jennifer said...

Cute Jack O'Lanterns! :)

You're doing great with Kaylen. Hang in there Casey!

-L said...

I'm a little concerned about the screwdriver to the skull. Did you tell him about your brothers?

Tanya said...

Cute Pumpkins! Don't know if you're aware, but being in a pool/tub is very good deep pressure. Probably why she likes it so much. I'm in the process of making J a weighted pad to hopefully calm him at rest times.

Anonymous said...

Super cute jack o'lanterns! Kelton's smile is so cute. I can imagine him to be the sort of person who will have a boyish smile his whole life. They are both adorable.

Anonymous said...

poor kaylen,

i remember kg and clinging on to my momma for dear life!!! what a rough time that was for me!! lots of bullies at school. my heart is with her!!