Monday, October 23, 2006

credit: Sassy Pants by Dani Mogstadt

Journaling reads:
You will never know the love you bring to my life, the light you bring to my heart. Your smile can, and does, fill every dark place in a room.. Your laugh is one of the most beautiful sounds I have ever heard. From the day you were born, your cry has been able to bring me to my knees. I want nothing more than to heal whatever hurt you have; to make you smile and laugh again. You are a beautiful child with a loving heart and a giving spirit. You are my dream come true amd you forever will hold a piece of my heart. The world is truly blessed because you are in it./

I love you.
More than you will ever know or understand.
I love you.
Beyond all reason.
(PS..Keep reading. It was a very productive blogging day)


Brenda said...

Soooo sweet! I love your new pages!

Sonya said...

As always, your pages are incredible.

seasonalkat said...

oh fine, now I am freaking BAWLING at work.

You moved me.