Friday, October 20, 2006

Believe in the Power of You

I'm not 100% sure I'm loving this one but here it is. I just may have to take another shot at a different layout for the same photo. The photo is great - it's just my LO I'm doubting. *sigh* This is what comes of making a really amazing page that I love; I seem to develop a creative block and paralyze myself. Anyway....take a peek:

credits: Random Thoughts 2 by Michelle Underwood and So Swirly elements by Shawna Clingerman

Journaling reads:
Oh the simple joy of a swing! You’ve never been one to love swinging all that much so we were quite surprised when you announced that you would try “the big kid swing”. The look on your face as you went higher and higher was priceless. We had to keep reminding you to hold on as you kept wanting to let go to use your hands to gesture. As you become more comfortable you also became more goofy. What a sweet and silly little boy you are. We are loving watching you experience new things and we are so proud of you when you step outside your “comfort zone” to do so. You keep surprising us - and I have a funny feeling that you always will.


Brenda said...

Crazy Girl !! It's a GREAT page! I love it.

Holly said...

I think it is a wonderful page!

seasonalkat said...

I love the page and I love the journaling! He's so cute!!!