Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ummm....WHAT?!?! I was at the library for the Thursday summer event and I decided while the kids were occupied looking for books, I would visit the facilities. There was one of those cute little infant seats attached to the know, the kind you can strap your kiddo into so they don't crawl all over the bathroom floor? The kind I wish they had when my two were small? Yeah - that kind.

Anyway.....I eyeballed the instruction on it and then I paused....I re-read. WHAT?!?!

What kind of crazy big infants are out there anyway??? Kaylen, at age 6, doesn't even weigh 50lbs yet. The child is not small for her age - she is average sized according to the percentile charts so really?!?!?! A 50lb infant?


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