Thursday, June 09, 2011

Lost Tooth!

Kaylen has had a very wiggly front tooth for weeks. I was beginning to think she would never wiggle it free but lo and behold, last night, after I said goodnight to her, she was wiggling it and popped the root on it. She arrived at my side with a very bloody mouth but the tooth was still in place - hanging by a thread.

She wiggled and wiggled it and tried to pull it but no luck. Then it hit her - her teacher has been asking Kaylen if she could pull her loose tooth for a couple of days! The deal was set. We would go to school tomorrow and have Mrs. G pull it (she is a friend of mine so I knew it would be ok with her. Which is good. Because I don't pull teeth. It eeks me out waaaaaaaay too much! Heck, I can't even watch them wiggle their teeth. Yeah yeah - I'm a wimp and I'm ok with that.)

But wait a second! The tooth that was about to fall out was *not* the tooth that had been loose for a couple weeks. It was the one next to it! How did *that* happen? Kaylen and I giggled at the turn of events and I mentioned that maybe Mrs. G could pull both of her front teeth. She wasn't sure about that one.

This morning came and off to school we went. Mrs. G was all too happy to help out. Within moments, the tooth was free! Kaylen declined having her get the other one out but promised to work on it. She is adorable but seriously? Does she not look just a little like a jack o' lantern? :)

Front tooth number one is out. A full 6 months ahead of when Kelton lost his front tooth. Which I guess shouldn't surprise me. All her life she ran 6-8 months ahead of Kelton in development (crawling, walking, etc.) and I do believe she had teeth come in earlier than Kelton did...which stands to reason why they would come out earlier than his did.

She is growing up fast! Next week at this time she will officially be a first grader!

How she looked just a couple days ago:

The proud girl holding her tooth!
She held onto that tooth all day and showed it to everyone!

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Tanya said...

so.much.blood I do not remember there being that much when I lost teeth. eek