Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's Feeling Like Summer

What does that mean around here? Time to set up the big pool! Right now I am sitting on the patio listening to the kids happily splashing and playing in the water. Kaylen was so excited to see it that she could barely contain herself. The kids and I carefully laid it out and hooked it up to its filtering system and then started filling it....it took about 2 hours to fill but that sure didn't stop Kaylen from playing in it. Kelton waited until it was full and then PLOOSH! In he jumped and there they have stayed.

Hours of summertime fun and hours of fun listening to my kids while they are busy making memories.

Kaylen waiting, waiting, waiting......

She just couldn't wait any longer. Out came the swimming suit and lifejacket (no - it's not a rule. She just likes it) and the blow up chair......

And here they both are - having a great time!

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