Thursday, June 16, 2011

Last Day of School

Ummm...excuse me but didn't I *just* write the post titled First Day of School? Seriously. This has to have been the fastest year on record. No... I didn't say "best", I said fastest. I'm sure we can all remember back to those early days of hell...I mean school...for Kaylen and what that came to mean for her and I and how that snowballed into a not great mid-year for Kelton and how, overall, it was just an extremely emotionally draining year BUT...looking back, it does feel like it has gone by quickly. Once February hit and Kaylen tackled school on her own, it was a one hop stop to June.

Kaylen's teacher and a few others were chatting with me a couple days ago and the general consensus is that Kaylen arrived in September very much a 4 year old emotionally but is exiting as a very solid, self-assured 6 year old. I couldn't agree more. She definitely had a huge growth year both in height and in maturity level. It's stunning...and amazing...and wonderful.

Both kiddos brought home their report cards today and I am very proud to say they are doing fabulously. Above grade level (though Kelton's teachers made note about how he is so much more than his grades even reflect but he doesn't feel the need to do more than the basic amount expected. When I read it to Kelton he shrugged his shoulders and said "Yeah. I know. I don't want to. But you already knew that, Mom. I'm the same way at home."

Tag. He nailed that one right. :) At least he knows himself, right. :)

As in tradition, the kids humored me and posed for their "last day of school pictures". I love this tradition because it allows me to see how much they have changed over the past nine months. Just take a look for yourself. :)

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