Thursday, June 10, 2010


Yesterday I had a reason to get dressed up. I had an interview. Finally. I haven't been called in for an interview since March and, as you can imagine, my frustration was growing daily...heck...hourly. Having faith that everything will work out sounded great way back when but it's been much harder for me to hang onto that line of thought as time has moved forward.

Anyway.....yes, I had an interview. At a small financial group not far from the house. The location is ideal since it's close to home and, more importantly, close to the school the kids attend.

As I was getting ready, Kaylen looked at me with a motherly look of disapproval and said "I don't think you look at that good yet. Do you have a black jacket to go with that?"

Ummm....really?!?! Fashion advice from a 5 year old who routinely wears patterns together that make me cringe? Really?? And no, I don't have a black jacket I could have worn. For goodness sakes! Sheesh. I guess I should be grateful that she didn't insist I wear a tuxedo shirt! Not that I wouldn't look quite dapper in one. It's just not my style...and oh right...I don't own one. :)

How did the interview go? I think it went well. They will be calling people in early next week for a second interview with a panel so.....I guess we'll know if I made the first round of cuts soon enough. It's a job I can see myself enjoying. The atmosphere and the people were very comfortable feeling. As for the work? I can learn anything I put my mind to so I know I could do it. Here's hoping I get called back.


Tanya said...

Maybe you need a suit :)

Mieke said...

Good luck with it all. The right people will see who you are and snatch you from the market.