Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Quick! LOOK!

The sun is out. I mean...the SUN! I see blue sky and everything. I have to admit to being a bit in shock but then, I'm not the only one. Kaylen has been out on the patio spinning in happy circles as she munches on an Otter Pop. The girl is delirious that the sun is shining. My little outside princess.

And speaking of Otter Pops....as we do often around here....Kaylen needs an intervention. Well no...I suppose there are way worse things for which she could have an affinity but still. The girl is hooked. Maybe there needs to be an Otter Pop appetite suppressant akin to phentermine that I could sprinkle on her cereal. :)

It's crazy and yet, it's something she can get herself and is completely responsible with cleaning up, etc. so for me? I've got it made in that respect. She doesn't even ask anymore. Instead she walks by me, smiles that smile of hers and says "I bet you know what I'm going to do now."

Yes, my darling girl. Yes I do. Enjoy!

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