Monday, June 28, 2010

Updates from my life

For those of you on my FB friends list, you already know what I've been up to but for the rest of you, I thought I would entertain you with my Facebook postings from the weekend.

Enjoy! :)

Casey McCafferty Duncan has applied for some jobs, is working on the 3rd of a bazillion loads of laundry (note to self: remind Kaylen to go potty before bed EVERY night) and washed out a pair of boots that had poop inside them (don't ask.....there are some things that a 5 year old does that I will NEVER understand). All this and it's only 10:48am.

Casey McCafferty Duncan Another day.........another chance for amazingly great things to happen.

Casey McCafferty Duncan I cleaned the kiddos outside water table then I cleaned both bathrooms and the laundry room. Enough cleaning for today - now to enjoy the evening. You know....after I make dinner and make sure the kids have their baths.

Casey McCafferty Duncan is back from Ikea and Target. Thanks to my kiddos who were sooo well behaved today. And I mean that. It was fun to be out and about with them.

Casey McCafferty Duncan is wondering what the day will hold. It stretches in front of me like a cat in the sun. :)

Casey McCafferty Duncan is waiting for the munchkins to give in to sleep.

Casey McCafferty Duncan feels a little sad but also relieved that the Step2 play structure we've had since Kelton was 2 has gone to a new home. In its place will go their new big pool.

Casey McCafferty Duncan is getting ready to help Dakota load up the vehicles and move stuff to her new apartment.

Casey McCafferty Duncan Must Divinity be so darn good? I'm pretty sure I haven't eaten a pound and a half of it this week but I can't be sure. *whistling innocently*

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