Friday, June 04, 2010

Friday Morning....and it's raining.

I'd like to tell you that the day is off to a good start but that would be untrue. I would like to tell you I slept well and am ready to get moving. That also would be untrue. I would like to tell you that Kaylen woke up in a happy mood. THAT would be the biggest untruth of all.

This should be a very interesting day.

It's raining. I really dislike freeway driving in the rain. Add to that a 4 hour freeway drive and well.... *sigh* I have a feeling bedtime tonight will not come fast enough.

It's 5:44am and Kaylen has already placed a tearful call to Dakota. She's tired. A later than usual bedtime and an earlier than usual waking is a bad combination for her.

I guess I should jump into the shower and get this show on the road. Come on your magic!

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