Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Summer Must Be Coming

It's almost summer. Do you know how I can tell? Nope..it's not because the kids are decked out in shorts and tank tops. Nope, it's not because we are slathering on sunscreen by the gallon. Nope....none of those things, thanks to the rainy spring we've had. It's because suddenly the "For Sale" signs are popping up all over the neighborhood. These aren't houses in foreclosure either - these are the people who use this time of year to relocate to better schools or job transfers or simply because they have outgrown their homes (or maybe need to move to a smaller house now that kids are leaving for college).

The house next door to us went on the market this past weekend. I confess to being nervous when houses next to me go on the market because you just never know what type of people will be moving in.

Down the street a bit is another house. And further down? There is an rv for sale. Oh - and the garage sale signs are starting to pop up like weeds. Yes, it's true. Summer is coming. There is no denying it.

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Mimi said...

how true you never know who is going to move in .....some people just make me want to scream!!!!!!