Wednesday, February 08, 2012

The Post Even I Can't Believe

I am the proud owner of a new washer and dryer set. This time last week, it was the furthest thing from my mind and certainly not a reality I could even entertain. The dryer was squealing because it needed new glides (and a new drum, I was told last time they repaired it, but I was going to just have new glides put on because a new drum was almost as much as a new dryer) but I was dealing with the noise because I didn't want to incur the cost right now.

Then Saturday, the washer made a terrible, horrible noise and just like that, it was down for the count. No draining or spinning would it do and it had a whole lot of water sitting in it - to mention soaking wet clothes.

It was late in the day but I called the repair place in the hopes of scoring a Monday appointment. I was overwhelmed with the thought of what it would cost. They told me they could come Tuesday and rattled off mind-numbing numbers. I made the appointment and hung up, feeling very defeated.

Monday afternoon I was on Facebook killing a bit of time before heading over to pick the kids up from their after school activities and a friend of mine pulled me into a chat. This is a longtime friend. She and her partner live across the country and have come out about 4 times to visit over the years. Each visit has left me with some really great memories. They keep up on the kids and me through this blog and when too much time has gone by between postings, they will always send out an email to see if I'm ok. Their emotional support has been invaluable to me over the 14 plus years I've known them (or has it been longer?).

Anyway.....the conversation went a little like this:

Fairy God Mother #1: Hey are you feeling?
Casey: The bronchitis is better, thanks for asking. How are you?
Fairy God Mother #1: We are good. I miss your updates on Naptime Chronicle. How is the dryer doing?
Casey: The washer has joined it. Repair guy should be here tomorrow sometime. I'm sure that bill won't be pretty. :( But having working machines will be nice.
Fairy God Mother #1: time to get a new pair...
Casey: It is. But sadly, that won't be happening. Too much money. (and right here is where I took out some health related stuff that I don't feel like sharing right now) (also took out other general conversation pieces from here)

Fairy God Mother #1: Fairy God Mother #2 says hello and we have talked about sending you some money for the washer and dryer...what do you think
Casey: Ummm.....I don't know what to say.
Fairy God Mother #1: Well if we send you some will you take it?
Casey: This is really, really hard for me......but yes. I would gratefully accept it. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. (and you just made me get all teary)
Fairy God Mother #1: OK, go see what you want and let us know how much you need
Casey: wait. for a new set? (side note for the blog: I had been thinking a little money to help with the repair cost. A new set was unfathomable to me.)
Fairy God Mother #1: Yep We know it is hard to accept and Fairy God Mother #2 didn't think you would accept, but it is something we would like to do
Casey: Seriously? I'm in shock. Serious shock.
Fairy God Mother #1: Well don't be...just go shopping.... and have some fun. Call and cancel the repair man

(this is where I take out a chunk of conversation but this is where it ends up.)

Casey: This is amazing. THANK YOU.
Fairy God Mother #1: YOU ARE VERY WELCOME! now that is said and we don't need to say it again

The set was delivered this afternoon. It's much bigger than my old one both in overall size and what it can hold. The dryer is supposed to be much more efficient than the old one (the old set was about 15 years old) and it's just so dang fancy. Lights and chimes and......well...I feel like I need to go back to college to get a degree to figure out how to work it. That, and I need a step stool because my short legs make it difficult to reach the dryer controls. As long as I am wearing my Dansko's, I can reach it well enough. :) Oh but how I love it! I've walked by it a zillion times just to admire it. I am actually looking forward to doing laundry. :)

So to my Fairy God Mothers....THANK YOU!!!! Your love, kindness and generosity go beyond the bounds of what I could ever dream of. You will never, ever know what this means to me. Waaaaay more than clean laundry. Waaaaaay more than simple kindess. Waaaaay more than I could ever say. From the bottom of my heart, thank you! I am overwhelmed with your love and generosity.

The old:

The new:


Elizabeth said...

Incredible! Very happy you allowed your fairy godmothers to help. This also speaks volumes about the type of person you are because no one would be interested in helping a j*rk:-) Enjoy!

Stella said...

applauding & cheering!! Kudos to the Fairy Godmothers!

Dakota said...

I also sent heartfelt thanks to our Fairy Godmothers. They have been wonderful friends over they years. They totally rock!