Monday, February 20, 2012

Author in the Making?

So - the big news around here this last week is that the chapter I wrote for a book on parenting has been accepted by the main author, who had solicited me, and by the publishing company.

I know. Crazy, right?

Thanks to Kaylen, I had plenty of first-hand experience to share regarding a child with sensory , stress, and anxiety issues. So thank you, Kaylen. :)

The main author of the book has apparently been a long time reader of my blog and when she began working on her parenting book back in the fall, she contacted me to see if I would be interested in sharing, in a short chapter, my experience. I hemmed and hawed, asked a ton of questions, mulled it over and finally decided to just go for it. If it sucked, that would be that and life would go on. If it was liked, that would be that and life would go on.

It was liked. Apparently a lot. And now I have been asked to consider penning my own book. Not sure about that one but I have played with the idea. Friends have been encouraging because apparently my writing style grabs people. *shrug* I don't know. Time will tell.

The funny thing is, I don't consider myself a "writer" by any standard. I just sit down and let the words and stories spin themselves. I don't think it would be as fun if it were forced. But then again, it just might be another way to make money (though certainly not fast and easy). There is no denying though, a Morgan silver dollar here and there are bound to add up.

It's been interesting - being sought out and talked with and then listening to my friends all say "I always thought you should write a book. You have a great writing style!" I have to say that it honestly has caught me off guard. It's kind of messing with my self view....while opening up new possibilities.

Nothing is constant but change, right?


Shannon said...

That's amazing! Congrats!

Kelly said...

Congrats! That's super cool!

Dakota said...

You do have a great writing style. Believe in yourself! This is very cool news! Congrats!

A Jersey Girl said...

Thatʻs AWESOME Casey! I cannot wait to read it!