Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Jackson Hewitt Commercials

Have you seen the Jackson Hewitt commercials with the song "This is how we do it"? I swear to you, every child on the playground knows the song AND the dance moves. I'm telling you, the JH people struck gold when they locked in their advertising team.

Every time I pass one of their signs, my two start singing at the top of their lungs and, if they aren't strapped into their seat belts, will start busting a move. It's pretty funny. :) (edited to say: In the car, they are always in their seatbelts but JH has pop up centers in malls and places like WalMart.)

I'm guessing it also strikes fear in the hearts of many people who need to gather their tax documents and go into one of these places but for me, it's mostly just funny. Funnier still is the fact that this commercials are playing on the Nick TV stations. Yep - those ad execs must know that parents are often held captive by their children's viewing preferences. I can be cooking dinner and I will hear the strains of "This is how we do it" waft in from the other room.

I wonder if it brings up interest in cpa affiliate program for those who have a desire to help people with crunching their numbers and whatnot. Now personally, I have no desire to be a CPA but that is mainly because I kinda bite at math. I do know a few CPA's and they love their careers. More power to them, I say. Goodness knows I need people who are good with numbers in the world. :)

Anyway - if you haven't been blessed with seeing the commercial, I'm betting you can search for it on YouTube. It is kinda funny...and then you can join me in singing the song every time you pass a sign. :)

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Tanya said...

ROFL Justus always sings the JG Wentorth jingle. J-G-Wentworth, 877 cash now. ahahaha Sillies.