Monday, November 07, 2011

The Weekend

Friday morning, after the kids had gone to school and before Stephanie left for work and I got down to the brass tacks about my day, we were talking about the weekend (child-free) and what we wanted to do. We decided on dinner and a movie and even went so far as to pin down the movie time. Then, out of the blue, a seagull flew above us and a conversation about seagulls, stormy weather and the beach took flight. Stephanie looked up the weather in Seaside and said "It's cold and rainy in Seaside." I said something flip like " least we aren't there getting wet and cold." Of course, anyone who really knows me knows I would rather be wet and cold and at the beach then just about any other place on earth.

She looked at me. Long and hard. I could see the wheels spinning. I asked what she was thinking and finally, she said "Let's go to the beach."

My head started spinning. It's not as easy as just picking up and leaving. There is a dog sitter to arrange, reservations to make, a run down of my To Do list to go over. Could we pull this off?

I said "I don't know if we can." Which was met with "Call the pet sitter. Please?"

I did. No answer. Called the other one. Left a message. No promises, I said.

She left for work and I promised to call when I knew something.

I got ready to go to the school to work on the current fundraiser when the phone started ringing. Pet sitter #1. She would be happy to stay with the animals. I called the hotel. No ocean front rooms since it was a big convention weekend but they had a loft room with a view. I booked it. I called Stephanie: we were on!

I ran to the school and got done what I needed. I came back home and cleaned, organized and pack for myself as well as the children for their weekend with Dakota. I was knee deep is "have to's" when a text arrived from Stephanie. She was very excited about leaving and could we go early? I wasn't sure. I called Dakota with a plan of dropping the kids at her house on the way through Portland. She was very agreeable. I wrote back to Stephanie and plans moved forward.

Kids arrived home from school and I told them of the plans. We organized their stuff and then waited for Stephanie to arrive from work. She had to swing by her house to get some stuff and arrived around 4pm. We packed the car, jumped in it and started on our way.

We dropped the kids off and as they settled in, Stephanie and I hit the road. Because of the time, and the fact that we were just ahead of rush hour, we made good time getting through Portland and out on the Sunset Highway.

It didn't take long at all (of course, great conversation really does pass time quickly) and we were pulling into Seaside. We stopped and had dinner at the Pig 'n Pancake and then off to check into our hotel.

It was one of those perfect weekends. Our own time schedule (or lack thereof) and lots of time for holding hands, walking, talking, dreaming and scheming.

I have discovered lately....or rather, rediscovered, my love of photography. It's been years since I really picked up the camera for anything other than photos of the kids and I really had a great time this weekend getting some really amazing shots. I clearly need to look through the camera lens more often. :)

It was an absolutely perfect weekend that was totally spur of the moment. A great way to celebrate a year of loving.


Dakota said...

Your pictures rock!

Casey said...

Thanks. I have to say - I'm really enjoying the shots I took. Sadly, they were from my phone camera so they don't enlarge as well as I would like but it's a start. And if I can do this well with just my phone camera...imagine the possibilities. :)