Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Is It Really Only Wednesday?

It's been a crazy week. I feel like I say that a lot. I do, don't I? Well - it HAS been and the kicker is, it's only half way through. Half way. That just feels like the Universe is being mean. *sigh* (But then there is the whole "wishing my life away" which I absolutely do not want to do. Time is going fast enough, thankyouverymuch.)

Regular every day stuff plus medical appointments (don't get me started), plus PTO stuff, plus holiday stuff, I am feeling very much like I haven't sat down to relax in days. Even my sleep is filled with anxiety over all I have on my plate right now.

You know what I really, really want to do? No - it's not help the kids hang their bazillion Disneyland photos all over their walls (though I am doing that.....not sure whose idea that was. I'm thinking photos, neatly presented in a photo album, would have been the way to go. Since that ship sailed, I'm thinking Dakota helping to remove the bazillion photos when the time comes (you know, *before* the tape degrades and leaves residue on the walls) would be good. (Yep - that's a BIG hint. I know you are reading this. *grin*). No - it's not making dinner (which I have to come up with soon). Nope - not even folding the laundry that is begging for attention. Guess's not even breaking up the fight that is erupting over the roll of tape for hanging photos.
What I would like to do, more than anything right now, is pull out some comfy winter pajamas, curl up with a couple body pillows under my nice fluffy comforter and flip on the TV. Tune out the world, my responsibilities and my worries.

I said it is what I would LIKE to do....sadly, it isn't even close to what I am GOING to do. Nope - that would be taking care of the various needs and desires of my children, laundry, dinner, dishes, straightening, etc. The list is long. It always is.

And I'm tired. I always am. :) I've been tired since 2001 when the stick changed colors to show Kelton was on his way and there is no sign of that changing.

Nor would I want it to change....truth be told.


Kerry said...

The big hint means possibly a future event to a different co-habitation? If it is that would be awesome for many different reasons. :)

Casey said...

Sorry to disappoint. The hint merely was meant to alert Dakota (who reads my blog) to my wanting her to help remove the collage of photos when the day comes that they need to come down, so that the work doesn't land soley on me. She is at the house with the kids Tuesday and Thursday evenings for visits with the kids.