Wednesday, November 02, 2011

My New BFF's

Ok - so I'll just ruin the suspense for you - I don't have new best "people" friends. That would be way too radical for me. You know, I prefer the few close friends I have because, as I have found out in life, too many friends leave you wide open for hurts too many to mention. I went the "big circle of friends" route and learned that it isn't for me. Close friends, few in numbers, are what works best in real life for me. Judge if you want ....I don't care. :)

Anyway.....the exciting part about my new friends is that they rock. They will help me get healthier and feel better. Almost like a work-out buddy...only not so sweaty. :) This, in addition to the added walking I am trying to put in place on a regular basis, is going to help me be my best "me".

Behold my new friends:

Yes, people....they are water cups WITH STRAWS! I know, I know...I am a million years behind the trend but I'm trending now, aren't I? :) For the past couple of years, I have gazed longingly at this type of cup but I could never force myself to hand over the cold, hard cash. They are, after all, just cups. With lids and straws.

I had a metal water bottle. I had glasses. I had water. I could drink as much water as I wanted. I didn't need no stinkin' water cup with a straw.


I'm such a fool.

Glasses of liquid don't work in my house. They get left on the coffee table, knocked over and/or ignored. They don't travel well from location to location as I move about the house. Actual metal water bottles are hard for me. The pop tops make for weird suction and if I have the screw top ones, it seems like too much trouble. Plastic water bottles? Forget it. Rarely have them. I mean...I *HAVE* filtered water, glasses and metal water bottles, right? Yeah but......the water rarely got inside me.

Which is crazy because I love water. It was clearly just too much trouble.

Last week, on my stolen beach days with Stephanie, I found a really cute water cup WITH A STRAW and I thought to myself "Screw it! I'm getting it!" Then I found an even cuter one...for less money. So I bought that one, too.

Then the fun began. I washed them and filled one up and BAM! Within seconds, the entire cup full was inside me. WHOA! Where did the water go? I refilled and BAM! Again!

Ah ha! These weren't splurge purchases! I had just made an investment in my health and well-being. (Yep - I can rationalize it any way I want. It has me drinking water...and a LOT of water all day long! I'm good with it.)

And ever since that fateful day, when water cups with straws entered my life, I have consumed more water than coffee (which is HUGE, thankyouverymuch). I have consumed so much water that I fear my poor water filter is going to flash red any day now to tell me it needs to be changed. But it's worth it. Water is good for me. I am drinking it all the live long day. Seriously. It's 6:30pm and I just sucked down another TWO cups. (I'll be peeing all night but I don't now...until 2:00 in the morning when I'm silently cursing my new cups.)

And I really, really, really love my water cups with straws. :)

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Elizabeth said...

You're too funny. Sadly my water cups with lids and straws haven't helped me drink more water. Although I do like the cups and use them a lot, just not with water in them. Enjoy your new friends.