Sunday, December 24, 2006

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Merry Christmas Eve Everyone!!!

Talk about striking fear in the hearts of two moms. Kelton dropped a bomb shell on us about what he *knows* Santa will bring: the Imaginext Adventure Castle. Only problem there is he never actually voiced this desire of his heart until bedtime last night (Dec 23rd). (He had shown great interest in it a few weeks ago at the store but I didn't take his desire seriously enough apparently. Then yesterday he found it at and spent 15 minutes playing with the demo on-line. I swear I never knew this was going on so seriously in his head!) So there we were - sweating it out. After the kids were in bed I drove to a few stores hoping against all odds to find the castle. Umm...yeah. Not happening. The toy shelves were all but empty. I returned home empty handed and very sad that my little boy wouldn't find what he really has been wanting. We strategized on damage control...we'd tell him that we would look for it after Christmas because Santa must not have found out in time that he wanted it. How he needs to be sure he tells Santa his wishes either in person or in a letter because Santa has to be told.

This morning I was casually talking with Kelton about why he didn't tell Santa. His response? "Santa knows everything, right? He should already know."


I called Toys R Us and stuck gold! They had a couple sets on the shelf. I flew over there and picked one up. We have decided though that we are going to tell him that Santa called us to let us know about his new request because Santa was already loading the sleigh and he didn't have room for both the castle AND the huge amount of art supplies that Kelton asked for when he visited him. He also asked us to tell Kelton that the best way for Santa to know what he would like is to tell him when he visits or to write a letter. That way Santa will know for sure what to pack in the sleigh.

But for the moms? We feel like we've just pulled off a Christmas miracle!


Brenda said...

Little do they know the stress they put us under! :o)

I'm impressed and thrilled to hear you were able to find a castle at such short notice!

Kelton is going to be so excited when he unwraps it tomorrow morning!

Merry Christmas!!!

mandm said...

That's so excellent you found what Santa knows at the very last minute.

I have that last minute panic in my heart right now, as what M told Santa he wanted more than a month is now NOT what he's interested in anymore and he's under the impression Santa has been informed of the last minute change. Gulp!

All I can hope is that he remembers how much he wanted those things and he's elated to have them, even if Santa-Grammy did pick up the WRONG Buzz Lightyear and I didn't find out until this morning. I'm sure someone will have hell to pay for that one.

It's the spirit of the thing, right?

Merry, merry to all of you!


Caroline said...

It is indeed, a Christmas miracle. And you can call yourself a Miracle Worker. Good job. I can't wait to see Kelton's face when he opens all his presents.

Sonya said...


We've got additions going on around here to. There was one thing (Lightening McQueen flashlight) that they stuck with for the long haul, thank goodness. We pretty much decided what Santa and the Moms' were gifting and so far they seem thrilled.

Though I was a bit worried about the latest desire of an Ariel doll that swims... as seen in the store quite recently. We could have gotten it, but really they were already getting plenty and I couldn't bring myself to spend another $50.

So... they dropped the hint (all on their own doing) to Grandpa & Yia Yia and then we informed Grandpa & Yia Yia that Santa was done shopping and wouldn't be making this purchase. So, we shall see next weekend if the grandparents come through... or not. I'm not holding my breath!

But thankfully, after 2 Christmas celebrations (with 2 to go), they haven't said A WORD about the Ariel doll.

Holly said...

Way to pull off the Christmas miracle!
Happy Holidays!

Gandksmom said...

Oh we totally went through this with the Dora wishing fairy princess doll! For about 2 weeks she talked non stop about the doll and then stopped and then that was the ONE thing she asked Santa for over and over again when she saw him. We found the LAST one in Superwalmart - WHEW! Then she has hardly played with it. But she also got a huge art set and has done a ton of project with that and played with her Leapster,