Monday, December 17, 2012

Warm and Toasty

So - as you probably already know, I work as a substitute in our former school district.  Some of the jobs I am called for require outside time.  Lots of outside time.  Outside in the winter is not my friend - nor the friend of anyone with a titanium rod in their spine.  Once I get cold, you can literally *feel* the radiating cold spot in my back.  So working outside?  Not all that fun for me but I do it because it's a job and a job pays money.

I have long underwear type things that help but not a lot.  I have recently learned, though, that Tourmaster Synergy has a line of heated apparel!  Now we're talking!  Can you just picture climbing into clothes that will stay warm and toasty when you are outside?  Talk about amazing!

Sure - we all know about the hand warmer packs and the shoe warmer things but clothes that are heated?!?!?!  HEAVENLY!  Especially for me!

Not that I would, or could, rush out and buy any but the fact that they exist make me happy.  Happy is good.

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