Sunday, December 09, 2012

Nothing Goes As Planned. Ever.

So...this weekend, so far, resembles nothing like I thought it would.  There was no holiday treat baking today.  No Christmas movie, as I thought there would be.

My Friday was filled with working a few hours, getting Maddie to the vet because she ripped her dewclaw and it was clearly painful for her (Thankfully no surgery was required.  They removed the broken part and I need to watch it for increased swelling and redness.) and taking care of Kaylen who was a mess because she had had a couple of difficult days at school.  Boys being mean, a friend being mean.  Hating her life.  Wanting to move home.  Wanting to go back to Crestline.  Wanting her real friends.  It's hard to see her struggle and because I am also struggling - it makes it doubly painful.  I think it was good that we were planning to attend WinterFest at our old school.

The kids and I did make it to the Crestline WinterFest and had a great time!  They both saw friends (more so for Kaylen since 5th graders were suspiciously missing in numbers.  Maybe they feel they are too old at that age...I don't know) and teachers and we were all treated like royalty.  It was nice to "go home" again as the three of us are terribly homesick.  I got many much needed hugs from people.  Lined up a few lunch dates and even had the principal ask me if I was interested in jobs at the school.  Ummm YES!  She said she would put me at the top of the list because it is hard to find good people and I am a good person for any job.  (well yes.....always have been.  But apparently I am being missed big time.  I will admit - that feels good but a big part of me wants to turn back the clock and still be there.  Change is hard.  I'm struggling.  No new news there.)

I admit to finding it ironic that I could end up working at the school we just left - meaning driving back and forth from here to there which is the reverse of what I had been doing for the past two years.

Anyway.......last night was great and so, so, so needed.  For all three of us.

Kaylen and her some of her friends: Devon, Kyle and Anisa
Kelton with Mr. Daniels
Kelton with his friend, and our former neighbor, Josh
Kaylen with Devo, Anisa and Ms. Miller
Kaylen and Anisa

Today Kaylen had a play date with Ella, Andrew had a party to attend, and Stephanie had work which meant Kelton and I had a day together.  We hemmed and hawed over what to do with him finally choosing Chuck E. Cheese (for the arcade games - not the atmosphere).  He had a blast and I had a good time following him around, watching him play, and soaking up his happiness.

After we were done at CEC, we headed over to the area where Ella lives so we could pick Kaylen up at the appointed time.  We were early so Kelton suggested we run my *ahem* dirty car through the car wash.  I plead country life on a dirt road as my defense.  :)  We went through the car wash - which is always a good time - and then I decided vacuuming out the inside would be a good use of time.  Kelton was in HEAVEN!  He had such a good time with the vacuum and I will say - the car feels much more organized and clean now.  I've been amazed, and kinda grossed out, how much crap accumulates in the car now that we are in it so much.  Again - I am going to use the country life defense.  It wasn't nasty or anything - just some trash the kids leave behind from granola bars, receipts that I leave behind, dog leashes, etc.  And tons and tons of pine needles.  Ugh.

And you know - I kinda like knowing that Kelton likes to vacuum out the car.  I'll be stashing quarters for the next time we are buy the car wash.  Might as well hone his skill.  :)

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