Monday, December 17, 2012

More Ramblings from Someone Who Has Had No Sleep Lately

I made my special peppermint Christmas candy treats today.  After all these years, I have it down to a science so I was in and out within an hour.  Of course, it takes two hours for them to back and cool but the messy part was over and done quickly.  I am going to bag some up and have the kids give some to their teachers tomorrow.  I know it's not as crafty as some parents but they are tasty and it's something I can do.  Last year the kids went to the dollar store and picked out gifts but honestly, I don't have the extra cash for that this year (yes I know, woe is me) and plus, I don't have the energy.  Everything is so far from here - no longer a hop, skip and a jump from things.

I did most of my shopping online this year.  I actually prefer that if I know what I'm looking for.  I don't have to wade through Sunday ads full of useless (to me) things like air compressor deals. I just go to my ipad, pull up my Amazon app, plug in what I'm looking for and hit order.

I can't remember when I moved to online shopping for Christmas but I think it was the second year of Dakota being in law school.  With two little kids and no virtually no help, I found it easier to shop online and have it all sent to  my doorstep.  Besides, I kinda like the UPS man showing up.  It's like a mini-Christmas every time.

My brother, bless his heart, added me to his Amazon Prime Shipping account.  LOVE IT!  Free shipping.  If I could ask for only one thing for Christmas (and honestly, I haven't asked for anything from anyone), it would be to continue to the Prime membership.  It is a God-send and I am so grateful for it.

Anyway - time to check on my peppermint candies.  Wish I felt like I wanted to snack on them....but I don't.  :/

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